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Hazardous Materials Site Investigation
Investigation & Remedial Action Plan for Historic Dumping Site - Municipal Client 

FS Engineers, Inc. (FSE) prepared a closure plan for an abandoned miscellaneous fill dumping area located in eastern Massachusetts.  Based upon available historic information, various miscellaneous trash, construction debris, and street sweepings had been dumped at this location.  The closure plan evaluated various closure alternatives with respect to the management of the fill material at the site in accordance with the regulations of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).


FSE oversaw the excavation of test pits within the dumping area.  Based upon visual observation, the test pits predominantly contained various construction and demolition debris including concrete blocks, bricks, and asphalt.  Trash bags containing domestic waste and other miscellaneous debris were observed at a depth greater than eight feet in one of the test pits.  Samples were collected from each of the test pits for laboratory analyses.  Low levels of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were detected in the samples at amounts below the appropriate MCP reportable concentrations.  To delineate the extent of these impacts to the area, soil borings were advanced hydrologically upgradient and downgradient of the subject dumping area.  FSE collected soil samples from one upgradient and two downgradient locations for confirmatory laboratory analyses.


A geophysical survey was conducted using ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic terrain conductivity techniques to delineate the extent and approximate thickness of the fill.  A topographic survey was also completed for the site area.  Based upon the geophysical and topographic surveys, the surface area of the dump was approximately 15,000 square feet and contained approximately 80,000 cubic feet or about 3,000 cubic yards of fill material.  In addition, there was a topsoil cover layer ranging from 1 to 3 feet above the debris deposits.


Three alternatives which included no action, removal of fill, and an impervious cap construction were evaluated.  Based upon the evaluation, excavation, segregation and reuse of suitable material, the removal of unsuitable fill was chosen as the most cost effective alternative to close the subject dumping area.  The closure plan was submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for review and approval.

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