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Response Actions and Regulatory Closure
Remediation Actions Following Fuel Oil Release to Brook - Private Client

FS Engineers, Inc. (FSE) prepared an Immediate Response Action (IRA) Plan and oversaw remedial activities at a Massachusetts residence following the discovery of a hazardous material release.  The property was identified by the municipality’s Conservation Commission as the source of an oil sheen on a nearby brook.  A leaking sub-slab feedline associated with the 275-gallon fuel oil aboveground storage tank (AST) in the basement of the residence was found upon investigation.  An IRA Plan was prepared and submitted by FSE to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).  The approved IRA Plan outlined the excavation of the petroleum impacted soil as the method chosen to remediate the contaminated area.  The IRA Plan included the removal of portions of the basement slab, installation of a sub-slab drainage system, excavation of several areas in the yard and the brook, and installation of groundwater monitoring wells.


FSE provided LSP services relative to the excavation and disposal of soils generated from remediation activities as well as the oversight of the installation of soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells.   The specifications for the installation of a new subsurface drain system for the basement were designed by FSE.  Soil sampling and groundwater sampling analyses were completed to characterize subsurface conditions and a MCP Method 1 Risk Characterization for the site was conducted by FSE.  At the completion of response actions, an IRA Completion Statement and Response Action Outcome (RAO) Statement were submitted to the MassDEP.


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