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Supplemental Site Investigation and Remediation
Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Soil at Playground - Federal Governmental Agency


FS Engineers, Inc. (FSE) completed a Phase I Initial Site Investigation, Tier Classification, Supplemental Site Investigation, and Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan for a daycare playground in eastern Massachusetts.  Previously collected analytical data from surficial soils indicated concentrations of lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in excess of applicable regulatory standards.  PAHs and metals are often found in urban subsurface soils where coal ash and slag had been included in the fill materials.  The Phase I and Supplemental investigations included an evaluation of historical uses of the site and surrounding properties, which may have contributed to previously identified contamination at the property.


The subsurface investigation at the site included the advancement of soil borings, the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and the collection of surficial soil samples.  Multiple soil samples were collected from each boring to characterize the vertical and lateral extent of contamination.  Strict health and safety procedures and operating guidelines were established for the daycare center to prevent exposure to site contaminants.  As part of FSE’s project oversight, FSE prepared the Field Task Work Plan and Health and Safety Plan.



The executed RAM Plan consisted of removing approximately 180 cubic yards of contaminated soil from within the playground area and collecting confirmatory soil samples from the limits of the excavation.  FSE oversaw the RAM excavation and site restoration activities.  Soil and groundwater analytical results were used to characterize the site conditions and provide the basis for a Class A-3 Response Action Outcome (RAO) Report.  The Activity and Use Limitation included in the Class A-3 RAO was prepared and registered by FSE.

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