Farooq Siddique, PE, LSP, Founder


Environmental Investigation

Mr. Siddique has performed hundreds of environmental assessments and subsurface investigations. He has conducted historical research for due diligence assessments for real estate transactions. He has also performed and supervised drilling and soil sampling, groundwater sampling, tank excavation, geophysical surveys, and dewatering projects. He has investigated sites contaminated with gasoline, fuel oil, and other petroleum compounds, heavy metals, volatiles, chlorinated solvents, cyanide, PCBs, pesticides, and asbestos.

Site Remediation

Mr. Siddique has prepared and successfully implemented many site remediation plans.  He has prepared design plans for various remedial alternatives including soil and groundwater treatment systems. He prepared design drawings, specifications, and engineering reports, as well as monitored the installation, troubleshooting, and operation of remedial treatment systems to mitigate the effects of hazardous material releases.  He has also obtained various Federal, state, and local permits required to implement remedial alternatives.

LSP Services

Mr. Siddique has performed regulatory compliance audits for numerous clients including private, public agencies, and municipalities.  He has provided Licensed Site Professional services including IRAs, RAMs, LRAs, RAOs, and AULs under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, as well as completed several Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III studies.  Mr. Siddique has conducted numerous comprehensive environmental site investigations, and solid waste and landfill studies.


Mr. Siddique has successfully completed assessment and remediation of several brownfields sites. He was the manager and licensed site professional responsible for the successful remediation of an industrial parcel in the City of Boston for a local economic development corporation. The site was previously occupied by a wire manufacturing facility. The project involved dewatering of a process water recirculating lagoon and excavation, handling, and disposal of contaminated soil from the lagoon. The site remediation was conducted in accordance with a release abatement measure plan. The parcel has been redevelopment as a level of no significant risk has been achieved upon remediation.

Commercial/Industrial Site Design

Mr. Siddique has successfully completed engineering and prepared civil site designs for several large commercial/industrial sites. He was the manager and principal engineer in the design development and engineering of a campus style office and research/development facility within an industrial park in northeastern Massachusetts. The project master plan consisted of 4 buildings on a 22.5 acre parcel. The total floor area in 4 buildings was 222,000 square feet. Parking for 578 vehicles were proposed for the full buildout. Stormwater management system consisted of a network of detention basins and water quality swales. Credit for groundwater infiltration and reduction in stormwater runoff management volume were achieved by strategically locating infiltration basins within the site.  Site grading and utilities were optimized to minimize construction cost. Approval for the Phase I site development were obtained from local approving authorities.

Facilities Compliance

Mr. Siddique has led many multi-media audit teams for various public and private sector facilities.  He was involved in the preparation of a multi-media self appraising audit manual for a major manufacturing company with many facilities in various states. The audit manual provided guidance in permitting, managing, and monitoring equipments including air emissions, waste water discharge, and hazardous waste. The guidance manual incorporated both Federal and Massachusetts specific regulations that apply. It also included guidance for treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes, and preparation of various management plans.  He has prepared toxic use reduction plans, hazardous materials contingency and SPCC plans, and various RCRA permits. Mr. Siddique led multi-media audits of over 20 state facilities to evaluate compliance with Federal and Massachusetts regulations. Audit findings were summarized into recommendations in the order of their priority for the facility personnel.


Mr. Siddique has extensive experience in the preparation of Federal, state and local permit applications.  He has obtained building permits for structures such as, air intake structure, emergency egress structure from tunnel, etc. for Central Artery/Tunnel project. Permits required review and coordination of comments by various departments of the City of Boston Inspectional Services.  Final review and approval of the permits were obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.  He has extensive experience in obtaining approvals for civil site developments including zoning board of appeals, planning board, conservation commission, board of health, state water quality certificates, Federal NPDES, and army corps of engineers.


Registered Professional Engineer - Massachusetts

Licensed Site Professional - Massachusetts

OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER Training, Supervisor, 8-hour Annual Refresher


Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1989

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. and Tech., 1983


Board of Directors, Licensed Site Professionals Association

American Society of Civil Engineers, Peer Reviewer (former), “Practice Periodical of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Management.”


Siddique, Farooq, Multiphase Modeling of Organic Hydrocarbons in the Groundwater, Master’s Thesis, Northeastern University, June 1989.