Michael J. Hudson, Sr. Project Manager/Hydrogeologist


Hazardous Waste Site Investigations, Remedial Design and Implementation

Mr. Hudson has extensive experience investigating petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent contamination in both overburden soil and highly fractured bedrock throughout New England. He has evaluated remedial alternatives and prepared design plans for numerous sites where soil and/or groundwater remediation systems have operated. His responsibilities include regular system monitoring, maintenance, risk assessment, site closure, and reporting to the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Mr. Hudson has provided oversight of the remediation design and cleanup of numerous hazardous waste sites, including NPL Superfund sites, throughout New England. His responsibilities have included technical review of remediation design plans and specifications, full-time on-site oversight during remediation and site closure, and determination of compliance with approved plans and specifications.

Site Assessment/Environmental Due Diligence

Mr. Hudson has managed and completed dozens of Preliminary Site Assessments of industrial, commercial, and residential/undeveloped properties throughout the Northeast. Extensive subsurface investigation techniques were used including hollow stem augers, drive and wash, cable tool, mud rotary, air rotary, hydraulic probe, and several geophysical methods. Reports included field data, laboratory results, and recommendations regarding site conditions and further cost estimates for assessment and/or remediation.

Underground Storage Tank Management

Mr. Hudson has characterized soil and groundwater contamination at numerous sites contaminated by leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). Scope of work has included drilling and sampling programs, monitoring well installation, data collection, groundwater surface mapping and gradient/flow calculations, and contaminant plume delineation. Mr. Hudson has prepared engineering design plans and specification and permit applications for UST projects, as well as overseen bidding, contractor work, and submittal of final as-built plans and tank closure reports.

Economic Geology

Mr. Hudson has prepared geologic/economic source reports for numerous sand and gravel operations and quarries throughout the Northeast, including subsurface investigations, surficial geologic mapping, petrographic analyses, and estimates of reserves and aggregate quality.

Expert Witness Testimony

Mr. Hudson has provided expert witness testimony for several clients and law firms including submittal of affidavits and depositions, and testimony in court. Testimony has focused on aspects of hazardous waste site remediation including hydrogeology, surficial geology, bioremediation, and contaminant migration and transport.

Water Supply Development and Aquifer Protection Studies

Mr. Hudson has performed numerous town-wide aquifer mapping and protection studies that included field surficial geologic mapping, preparation of hydrogeologic maps, and computer modeling to determine pumping well zones of contribution and aquifer/ watershed safe yields. The goal of these aquifer studies has been the development and implementation of practical schemes to protect the aquifer and preserve groundwater quality. He has managed production well development projects for municipal and private clients throughout New England. The work included the design, performance, and analysis of aquifer tests in both unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers. He has used seismic refraction, electrical resistivity, and fracture trace analysis methods to determine optimal production well locations.

Computer Modeling

Mr. Hudson has developed and utilized numerical finite difference groundwater flow models and analytical groundwater models for simulating pumping well zones of contribution and solute transport. Mr. Hudson has also simulated the groundwater effects of large septic recharge systems to establish design elevation criteria for subsurface leaching fields.


Licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (MA Grade 2 – Industrial)

OSHA 40-hour 29 CFR 1910.120 (Hazardous Waste Operations) Certification


Bachelor of Science in Geology, St. Lawrence University, 1977

Master of Science Program (emphasis Hydrogeology), University of Virginia (completed coursework)


National Ground Water Association