Project Years: 2009-2012

RCRA / CERCLA cleanup process

Under an existing IDIQ A/E contract with the Department of Transportation / Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center) FSE completed site investigations at 12 FAA facilities in CT, MA, NY and NH in order to establish if a release to the environment of oil and/or hazardous materials had occurred over the operational history of the installations.

  • The 17 radar facilities are either located at a regional airport, providing airport surveillance radar, or located near a regional airport serving as a radar navigation station.
  • FSE completed 8 of the site investigations in less than 80 days to meet the fast track schedule established by the client.

volpe17 1The Volpe Center had previously conducted limited site assessments at each facility due to the historical tendency of sites with underground storage of fuel to have petroleum-contaminated soil.

Design and implementation of remediation strategies

As part of these assessment only investigations, the design and implementation of remediation strategies was not performed. Sites requiring additional assessment and/or remediation were identified in the final report and will be addressed in the next phase of work.

Geological, geotechnical, geothermal and geophysical investigations

  • Field Task Work Plans (FTWPs) were prepared and approved for each site prior to initiating site work.Environmental chemistry, data collection, management and interpretation
  • Soil samples were analyzed for a combination of PCBs, Metals, PAHs, EPH, VPH, VOCs, Herbicides and Pesticides.Human health and ecological risk assessment, toxicology, health physics and industrial hygiene

Familiarity with local, state and federal regulatory compliance to include negotiations with regulatory agencies

volpe17 2At five airport sites, work was performed “airside” at radar towers or navigation stations located adjacent to active runways and taxiways. FSE planned the work and coordinated closely with officials at each airport to schedule the work, access the site with drilling rigs, and perform the work.

  • Exact location of all underground utilities was a critical component of the work at all 17 active radar sites. No radar shutdown or service interruption was allowable. FSE completed the project on schedule with no disturbance to underground utilities or service interruptions.
  • Detailed AutoCAD site plans were prepared for each site based on FSE site surveys.
  • The locations of formerly unknown USTs were verified at several sites.

Remedial Actions

FSE completed assessment and remediation activities associated with previously identified groundwater and soil contamination at a FAA Air Route Surveillance Radar Facility. FSE completed groundwater sampling and analysis for dissolved lead and prepared an IRA Completion Statement based on the analytical results.

FSE prepared a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan and oversaw remedial activities at the FAA facility following discovery of elevated PAH levels. FSE reviewed the results of previous soil borings and soil sample analyses and site documents, evaluated the existing site conditions, and subsequently submitted a RAM Plan to the Department of Environmental Protection. The RAM Plan outlined the excavation and disposal of surficial soils with elevated PAH concentrations.

volpe17 3FSE provided the following:

  • Licensed Site Professional services relative to the excavation and disposal of soils generated from remediation activities;
  • Prepared Release Abatement Measure Plan for remediation activities;
  • Completed soil sampling analyses to characterize site soils;
  • Performed a MCP Risk Characterization and prepared a Response Action Outcome Statement.

Approximately 150 cubic yards of soil was removed from the Site. A RAM Completion Report and Response Action Outcome Statement were submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Project Cost: $618,000